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Public Works Transportation For Construction The Region's 'Behind the Scenes' Road Construction Planning

The Region's 'Behind the Scenes' Road Construction Planning

The construction phase of a project is the final stage of the planning process.

These 5 aspects are required behind the scenes before a construction begins:

Environmental Assessment (EA) Process

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is a study. EAs are carried out to predict, identify, measure and reduce the impacts a project might have on the people, plants and animals living in a certain area.

The EA process:

  • Is required by the Province of Ontario.
  • Makes The Region accountable. It ensures that the construction we're planning won't harm the environment and surrounding area.
  • Is a public process. This means people who live and work in Peel can tell us how construction in a certain area might affect them.
  • Takes 12 to 18 months to complete (on average).

Is construction coming to your neighbourhood?

Browse our list of currently active EAs in Peel.

Detail Design Phase

During the Detail Design phase, the Region:

  • Designs major structures such as bridges, drainpipes or railway crossings.
  • Plans the physical design of a project with input from conservation authorities, area municipalities, provincial agencies, and utility companies.
  • Must complete 60% of the detail design before determining how much property to buy.
The Detail Design phase can take up to a year to complete, depending on the complexity of a project.

Property Acquisition

A property acquisition is the act of gaining ownership of a piece of real estate.

Property acquisition:

  • Starts when the Region identifies how much property is needed for the construction project.
  • Can include just part of a property or an entire property.
  • Can take 8 months to 2 years to complete.

Utility Relocation

Telephone, hydro, gas, and cable services in the construction area might need to be relocated to complete a project.

If possible, utility relocation is completed before or during construction. When a utility relocation happens depends on how quickly the Region purchases the land for the project.

Tender and Contract Award

The Region of Peel buys (procures) goods and services via a tender -- a formal document that sets out the proposals and requirements of a construction project.

Contractors submit tenders for the work to be done, and the job is given to the pre-qualified lowest bidder.

Tender and contract awards can take from 6 - 8 weeks.

Construction Begins

On average, a contractor begins construction 2 - 3 weeks being awarded the contract.


Revised: Tuesday October 16 2012


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