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Public Works Transportation Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments: Brampton

Mayfield Road from Airport Road to Coleraine Drive

The Region of Peel has completed the Schedule "C" Environmental Assessment (EA) for the improvements to Mayfield Road from Airport Road to Coleraine Drive, in the Region of Peel at the municipal boundary to the City of Brampton and the Town of Caledon. Improvements were considered for Mayfield Road including:

  • A combination of road widening
  • Intersection improvements
  • Horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Replacement/expansion of various watercourse structures
  • Pavement rehabilitation, and
  • Mitigation of environmental impacts (natural and social)

Details of the EA can be viewed in the Environmental Study Report.

Study Documents

Appendices are as follows:

Volume 2:
A – Notice of Study Commencement
B – PIC #1
C – PIC#2
D – Notice of Study Completion
E – Natural Environment Report
F – Hydrogeological Report
G – Tree inventory & Assessment
H – Culvert & Bridge Assessment
I – Culvert & Stormwater Management Report

Volume 3:
J – Geotechnical Report
K – Archaeological Reports – Stage 1 and 2
L – Built Heritage and Cultural Landscape Assessment
M – Contaminated Site Screening

Volume 4:
N – Traffic & Roundabout Studies
O – Driveway Sight Distance Review
P – Traffic Noise Impact
Q – Gore Road Cross Sections
R – Meander Belts Analysis
S – Culvert & Bridge Cost Estimates
T – Property Impacts & Acquisition
U – Opinion of Probable Cost

Volume 5
V – Meeting Notes
W – Agency Correspondence
X – Design Alternatives
Y – Redside Dace and Bridge Span Selection

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Revised: Friday June 23 2017


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