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Public Works Transportation For Residents Planning - Transportation Management Associations (TMAs)

Transportation Management Associations (TMAs)

MAs started to appear in the early 1980s.

Today there are over 150 TMAs, mostly throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

TMAs are committed to:

  • Improving how traffic moves.
  • Improving the condition of the air outside (air quality).
  • Reducing traffic congestion, when streets are hard to move through due to too much traffic.

Each TMA is an independent, non-profit organization funded by key stakeholders from a certain area.

TMA members include:

  • Private sector professionals.
  • Developers and transportation professionals.
  • Public agency and local government employees.

TMA programs and services

TMAs offer programs and services that are geared towards reducing the number of vehicles carrying only one person, especially during peak hours.

TMA programs and incentives include:

  • Encouraging carpooling and vanpooling programs; including an exclusive ridematching program for employers.
  • Site assessments and surveys to understand employee commute behaviour.
  • Encouraging Employee work arrangements solutions; telework, compressed work weeks and flex hours.
  • Improving paths and roads to encourage walking and cycling.
  • Providing a Ride Home Program.
  • Providing parking solutions.
  • Providing ways to car share.
  • Incentive and promotions along with education to persuade commuters to use other ways of getting to and from work.
  • Working with transit agencies to improve transit service.

TMAs in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton (GTA & H)

Smart Commute:

These TMAs adapt initiatives to:

  • Meet partner and stakeholder needs.
  • Raise funds for local transportation improvements.
  • Share information with local governments.

Each TMA has a board of directors with representatives of area employers, property managers and other stakeholders.

Revised: Wednesday February 13 2013


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