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Private Noise Attenuation Walls Conversion Program

In 2015 the Region of Peel approved the noise attenuation conversion program. Existing noise attenuation walls located on private property that back or side on to a Regional Road will be rebuilt and relocated on to the property line. This program is fully funded by the Region and includes the design, construction and maintenance of the new noise attenuation walls.

The September 15, 2015 Regional Council approved report Local Improvement Process for Privately Owned Noise Attenuation Walls Along Regional Roads which includes a summary of the noise attenuation wall rating system and a map showing the existing private noise walls in Peel.

When will I hear about my private noise attenuation wall being converted?

A full inventory of the existing private noise attenuation walls and condition assessment in the Region of Peel is being completed.

This information will then be used to prioritize each wall according to the level of deterioration. Those walls in the poorest condition will take priority. The homeowner will be notified of the planned construction at least 12 months before work commences.

By 2018 the Region of Peel anticipates to have a complete listing of all private noise attenuation walls that are in Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition and anticipated schedule of replacement.

I have a private noise attenuation wall that needs repairing.
Will the Region of Peel repair it?

Until the Region of Peel constructs and relocates your private noise attenuation wall, you will still be responsible for the maintenance and/or replacement of the wall.

Once the wall is replaced with a Region owned wall, the responsibility and costs of maintaining the noise attenuation wall will be the responsibility of the Region of Peel.



For more information on the noise attenuation conversion program call 905-791-7800 ext. 7902. Visit our pages for details on our Owner-Initiated Local Improvement

Revised: Tuesday March 28 2017


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