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Waste Management
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Garbage Collection and
Recycling Services

Waste Collection in Peel is Changing

Waste collection in the Region of Peel is changing to cart-based, bi-weekly collection.

Get details and choose your cart sizes

When is my collection?

The Region has begun the Environmental Screening Process for the Peel Energy Recovery Centre, click here to Learn more about the Centre.

Battery Disposal

Residents are encouraged to drop off their single-use dry cell batteries in designated barrels at facilities within the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon. All batteries are sorted by type (alkaline, zinc/carbon etc.) and then recycled for their respective elements (metal, zinc, manganese, etc.). All standard single-use dry cell batteries are accepted, including A, AA, AAA, AAAA, C cell, D cell, 4.5-volt and 9-volt. Rechargeable batteries are not currently accepted, but can be dropped off at your nearest Community Recycling Centre.

For more information and locations visit:

Waste disposal question?
Visit www.wheredoesitgo.ca. You may be surprised to learn what does – or doesn’t – go in your blue box, green bin or garbage container.

Buy Garbage Tags Online Applicance Pick-up

Community Recycling Centres

Convenient drop off centres for recyclable and non-recyclable materials, household hazardous waste and reusable goods.

Two Bag Standard

Two Bag Standard
Two Bag Limit


Learn about Peel's Composting Program, including where to buy compost.

Putting Waste in its Place
Thanks to your continued efforts, we are diverting 50 per cent of Peel's waste from disposal. With your support and participation, we are moving closer to our target of diverting 70 per cent of waste from landfill by 2016.

Saving the Environment
Learn more about how your actions are helping our environment.
Questions? E-mail or call Public Works at the Region of Peel

Revised: Thursday February 19 2015


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