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Waste Management

Compost Ingredients

Analysis of Peel's Organic Compost

Compost is an earthy, thick, crumbly substance made from decomposing kitchen and yard waste. Known as nature's fertilizer, compost enhances plant growth and makes soil richer and healthier without harming our ecosystem.

Compost can be used at any time during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Compost can be used for topdressing, mulch/weed suppression, tree planting, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and lawn establishment.

Yard waste and household organic material collected from Region of Peel residents. The material is shredded and composted at an average temperature of 60 degrees Celsius (to kill pathogens and weed seeds) and screened to a ½ inch diameter.

Metal and Element Content of Peel Compost:
Parameter Result unit ug/g Parameter Result unit
Mercury BDL* Molybdenum BDL*
Arsenic 1.30 Selenium BDL*
Cadmium BDL* Chromium 41.30
Cobalt 2.05 Copper 30.50
Lead 9.25 Nickel 16.20
Zinc 77.90    

* Below Detectable Levels, Updated November, 2008

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:
Organic Matter: 10%
Maximum Moisture: 55%

For more information or to ask about compost from the Peel Composting Facilty Program, contact Larry Conrad, P.Eng., Manager, Waste Operations, at 905-791-7800 Ext 3437.

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E-mail or call Public Works at 905-791-9499 for composting facts, tips, supplies and more.

Revised: Thursday November 13 2008


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