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Water and Wastewater

Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Projects

Information for Owner-Initiated Local Improvements

Local improvements are owner-initiated requests for municipal services administered pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001.

The Act defines the role of municipal government in administering requests by property owners for municipal services. It offers communities a fair and impartial process to obtain municipal services by sharing the costs with the municipality.

This page covers watermain and sanitary sewer projects.

Who Qualifies for a Project?

Any residential property owner in the Region of Peel may apply for a local improvement. However, at least three properties must immediately benefit for a project to qualify as a local improvement.

Whether a property benefits from a proposed works is not dependent on whether the lot is occupied or vacant. The Region only considers whether the property benefits from the service and if the benefit is realized now or in the future.

The Region only constructs municipal services on Regional lands, local municipality lands, or easements on title deeded to the Region or a local municipality.


Initiating a Local Improvement

A property owner may initiate a local improvement with a letter of request or an application, specifying their name and contact information, the affected property address, the type of municipal servicing, and the reason for the request.


Project Requirements

For the Region to approve a local improvement project for construction, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The project must be technically and financially feasible.
  • A sufficient petition must be verified and accepted by the Regional Clerk.
  • All land ownership and easement issues must be resolved.
  • Adequate funding must be available and approved by Regional Council.

Before issuing a petition, Region staff must determine if the project is technically and financially feasible.


The Petition

If the project is technically and financially feasible, the Region provides the project initiator with an unsigned petition containing the following information:

  • Project location and extent
  • Owner names and mailing addresses
  • Descriptions of affected properties
  • Assessed frontage rate
  • Actual and assessed frontages
  • All mandatory and optional fees
  • Total assessed cost for each property
  • Petition expiry date

The project initiator is responsible to collect the petition, circulate it to the owners of all affected properties, and return the completed petition to the Region before the stated expiry date. The initiator may wish to contact their Regional Councillor during the petition process.

A sufficient petition requires the signatures of owners representing at least two-thirds of the affected properties and representing at least one-half of the assessed property value. There must be signatures representing a majority of the owners of each property (i.e., greater than one-half) for it to be counted in favour of the proposed works.

Once the Region receives a sufficient petition, the proposed local improvement project is subject to available funding and approval by Regional Council.

If the petition is sufficient and the project is approved by Regional Council, all affected properties, regardless of whether or not the owners signed the petition, are assessed the applicable charges and fees.

The Region remains neutral on all local improvements. The Region does not solicit municipal services, nor does the Region encourage or discourage owners from signing a valid petition.


Watermain Projects

The Region calculates the specific frontage rate for a proposed water main based on the estimated project cost, as determined from the petition limits. Changes to the petition limits may affect the frontage rate.

In residential and rural areas, the project cost estimate includes surveying, drafting, engineering design, tendering, materials, labour, equipment, and applicable taxes. In commercial and industrial areas, the cost estimate may also include additional engineering, inspection, and contingency fees.

For residential properties, the Region assesses a maximum frontage of 61 metres (200 feet). The Region defers the excess frontage charges for properties with frontages greater than 61 metres until a property is severed. Assessable frontage for a commercial or industrial property may exceed 61 metres.

An affected owner has the choice of installing an optional water service connection to the property line for an additional connection fee.

The connection fee includes the cost of the water service to the property line and the water meter, but does not include the cost of the water service from the property line to the residence. Installation of the water service on the private side is the sole responsibility of the property owner.


Sanitary Sewer Projects

The Region determines the owners' share of a sanitary sewer project cost based on an approved frontage rate set annually by Regional Council. There is no limitation on the length of assessable frontage.

In addition to the frontage rate there is a mandatory connection fee. Regional Council annually reviews the frontage rate and mandatory connection fee based on current typical costs of installation. The current frontage rate and mandatory connection fee are available upon request.

The mandatory connection fee includes the cost of the sanitary sewer service to the property line, but does not include the cost of the sewer service from the property line to the residence. Installation of the sanitary sewer service on the private side is the sole responsibility of the property owner.


Payment Options

The Municipal Act, 2001 gives Regional Council authority to set a by-law to collect the owners' share of the project cost. The exact cost borne by each owner for the proposed works is assessed as per the Municipal Act, 2001 and Regional policy.

Property owners may pay their share of the project cost through local property taxes over 15 years with imputed interest, or in a lump sum payment upon completion of the works.


Getting Started

To initiate a local improvement, a property owner must submit a letter of request or an application to the Region of Peel. The Region evaluates all requests for technical and financial feasibility. The applicant is notified of the findings and, if applicable, when to collect the petition.

Contact Us

For more information, or to request an application, please contact Public Works at the Region of Peel.

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Public Works
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Engineering and Infrastructure Planning
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