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Water and Wastewater

South Peel Facility Expansion Projects

Expansion Projects Details

G.E. Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment Facility

G.E. Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment Facility
  1. Integrated Fixed Film/Activated Sludge System (IFAS) Demonstration Project
    Currently being tested at Lakeview, this project will complement Peel Region's other programs designed to meet more stringent ammonia effluent limits required by the province. The construction portion of this project was completed in September 2003 and the process is presently being tested.
  2. Upgrade of Final Clarifiers (Tanks)
    Various tank upgrades will improve sludge management on site. Clarifiers or 'settling tanks' permit solids to settle or rise and be separated from the liquid flow.
  3. Alternate Access Road into Lakeview Construction Site
    A new access driveway into the construction site will be built from Hydro Road to reduce the number of vehicles using the main access road off of Lakeshore Road. This new driveway will primarily be used by on-site construction workers.
  4. Removal and Transfer of Excess Soils
    Excess soils on site were removed and transferred to the Britannia Landfill for use as cover material during the summer of 2004. Some of the soils on site were impacted with contaminants and were removed to another site for special treatment.
  5. Electrical Upgrades
    Electrical upgrades will include installation of a new secondary electrical feed to the plant. Reliable electrical power is critical to providing adequate treatment of the wastewater.
  6. New Headworks Facility (Screen and Grit Improvements)
    The existing grit and screening facilities will be replaced by a modern Headworks facility. The changes will improve the removal of inorganic solids, while reducing the chance of odours escaping to the environment.
  7. Process Treatment Capacity Expansion
    The construction of two primary tanks, three aeration tanks and two final tanks will expand the process treatment capacity to 448 million litres per day.
  8. Solids Handling, Receiving and Disinfection Improvements
    A new solids handling facility will be constructed to house thickening centrifuges and sludge dewatering centrifuges; the existing dewatering building will be renovated to house new chlorination/dechlorination facilities; and a solids receiving facility will be constructed to receive dewatered sludge from the Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant. The existing Zimpro process, a source of odours, will be discontinued.
  9. Incinerator Capacity Increased
    The thermal oxidation building will add a new incinerator, bringing the capacity of the installed incineration equipment to 360 tonnes/day.
  10. Incinerator Efficiency Improved
    The existing three incinerators will be replaced with new units that will have improved efficiency and increased capacity.

Revised: Wednesday November 14 2007


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