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Tenanted Properties:

The Region of Peel offers property owners the option of redirecting water, wastewater and stormwater bills to tenants. Please note, owners are ultimately responsible for arrears at the property, in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O.2001, c.25.

Residential landlords:

As of November 28, 2016 for residential landlords, the following process changes have been implemented:

  1. Property owners can now simply call into the Region of Peel’s Billing Call Centre at 905-791-8711 to establish the property as a tenanted property. The named tenant can then be added to the landlord’s billing account at the tenanted property (for water bill payment purposes only).

  2. Property owners are no longer required to complete paperwork to establish a property as tenanted.

  3. Once the tenant’s name is added to the water bill account, an off-cycle bill will be provided to the owner for estimated consumption that occurred prior to the tenant’s occupancy. If the owner does not want an estimate to be used, then the owner can read the meter manually and provide the information to the Billing Call Centre. The manual meter read will replace the estimated read for purposes of calculating the off-cycle bill. Instructions on how to read the water meter are available here or by contacting the Billing Call Centre at 905-791-8711.

  4. A service charge will apply.

Commercial Landlords:

Please contact us at 905-791-8711 and we will send you the form. You can return the completed form using one of the followings methods:

Revised: Wednesday November 23 2016


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