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Water and Wastewater

What You Can Do to Protect Water Sources

There are a variety of programs in Peel Region with ideas and actions you can take to help protect the environment and our surrounding lakes, rivers and streams.

If you are an owner of private well that is unused and needs to be decommissioned, taking the necessary steps to decommissioning it properly can help protect your water sources.

The Region of Peel offers a program whereby we decommission private residential wells at no cost to the resident. Please visit Peel's Private Well Abandonment Program webpage for more details on well decommissioning initiatives.

  • WaterSmartPeel has general helpful tips and offers specific programs such as fusion gardening, household leaks, water audits and facility tours for residents, businesses and teachers.

  • Environmental Education offers a variety of outreach opportunities designed to promote Peel programs and services, and to foster a more informed and environmentally responsible community.

  • Tap Water in Peel provides information about how Peel's water is treated, the benefits of choosing tap water, using refillable containers and where you can find drinking water locations.

  • Wastewater Bylaw in Peel includes regulations that help monitor and protect our environment. The bylaw applies to all businesses discharging directly or indirectly into sanitary sewers or storm water sewers in Peel Region. The Wastewater bylaw is enforced by Peel's Environmental Control Department.
  • Sewer Systems consist of both the sanitary sewer and storm water sewer systems. The pipes throughout your home that collect wastewater are a homeowner's responsibility. Keeping these pipes free of debris keeps them functioning properly.

    For more information on storm water management and homeowner's responsibilities, please visit your area municipality website at:

Please visit the CTC Source Protection Website or Conservation Ontario for more tips on what you can do to help protect our water sources.


Revised: Friday January 13 2017


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