Region of Peel - Working for you
Region of Peel - Working for you

How to Sort Your Waste


Type your waste item:


Plastic or Metal Gasoline Container and Cap (or Spout):

This item is garbage.

Put this item in your garbage (grey) cart.

Special disposal instructions or restrictions:

  • Remove the cap or spout from the container to release vapours and ensure the container is completely empty.
  • Put the cap or spout and the empty container separately in the garbage.

Additional information:

  • If your garbage cart is already full, excess garbage must be placed in a garbage bag. Tag the bag of excess garbage with a Region of Peel garbage tag.
  • Place the tagged bag or items close to – but not on top of your garbage cart, leaving at least 1 m (3 ft) of clear space between your extra garbage item and your cart.
  • Garbage tags are not required during exemption periods. Exemption periods take place on your scheduled garbage collection day in May, after Victoria Day; in September, after Labour Day; and in December and January, during or after the Christmas holiday.
  • Bulky items or furniture are always collected on your garbage week.Find your collection calendar.

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