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How to Sort Your Waste


What Do I Do With...?

Yard Waste

Shredded paper (loose) - option b:
Place this item mixed with your yard waste in a yard waste container during seasonal yard waste collection (March - December) or put this item in your organics (green) cart. Shredded paper is not accepted in your recycling boxes as it contaminates material streams at the Material Recovery Facility. Please note that plastic bags are not permitted in yard waste because they contaminate the finished compost. From December - March put shredded paper in the garbage or deliver it to a Community Recycling Centre in paper bags. At the CRC you must open and dump any plastic bag of shredded paper into the yard waste bin and re-use or recycle the plastic bag.

Let Them Loose!

Your recyclables end up in landfill if you tie them in plastic shopping bags.

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