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How to Sort Your Waste


Catheter bag

This item is garbage.

Put this item in your garbage (grey) cart.

Special disposal instructions or restrictions:

  • Always double-bag these home health-care waste items before putting them in your garbage cart or garbage bag for collection:
    • casts
    • catheters
    • colostomy bags
    • dialysis waste (e.g. tubing, filters, disposable towels and sheets)
    • disposable pads, gowns, gloves, masks and aprons
    • gastric and nasal tubs
    • IV bags and tubing
    • soiled dressing and incontinence products
    • sponges
  • Never put home health-care waste in your recycling or organics cart.

Additional information:

  • Excess Medical Waste
    • If you have excess home health-care waste, you may qualify for the Region’s Medical Waste Exemption program. For more information call the Region of Peel’s Waste Line at 905-791-9499 (in Caledon toll-free at 905-584-2216) or email Waste Inquiry.
  • Video: How to Dispose of Household Medical Waste

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