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Region of Peel - Working for you

How to Sort Your Waste


What Do I Do With...?


Plastic jar:

This item is recyclable.

Put this item in your recycling (blue) cart or a transparent clear or blue-tinted plastic bag.

Special disposal instructions or restrictions:
  • If this item is smaller than 7 cm (3 in) in diameter, put it in the garbage.
  • Put bottles larger than 50 mL in your recycling. Put bottles smaller than 50 mL in your garbage.
  • Crush or flatten larger plastic bottles and containers before placing them in your recycling cart.
  • If this item holds more than 5 L or is made of other materials besides plastic, put it in the garbage.
  • Use or consume the itemís contents. Make sure the item is clean and free of residue before placing it in your recycling.
  • Separate the plastic lid to get two separate items. Put the lid in your recycling too.
  • Separate the cap, filter, absorbent pad, foil, plastic seals or any parts that arenít plastic. Put these items in the garbage.
  • Remove any metal handles. Put the handles in your recycling too.
  • The lid on your recycling cart must be completely closed for collection. A closed lid helps prevent litter.
Additional information:
  • Recycling is mandatory in the Region of Peel.
  • The Region collects unlimited amounts of recycling waste from the curb.
  • If your recycling cart is full, put recyclables in a transparent clear or blue-tinted plastic bag. Place the bag outside of your recycling cart on your collection day.
Other ways to dispose of this item:

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