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Region of Peel - Working for you

How to Sort Your Waste


What Do I Do With...?


Yogurt tub and lids:
Consume or use all of the product you've purchased. Place the empty container in your recycling cart or in clear or a blue transparent plastic bag. Make sure the container is empty and rinsed. Remove any caps, absorbent pads, foil, plastic seals/stoppers or water filters. Put these items in the garbage. The plastic parts and lids from tubs and pails 5 litres in size or less can go in your recycling cart or a clear or blue transparent bag . Remove any metal handles or parts that aren't plastic and put these in the garbage. Only the plastic parts are recyclable.

Recycle Right

Did you know that if you tie up your recyclables in a plastic shopping bag, it ends up in landfill?

Find out why

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