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  • 2012 Renewable Project Fund Application Guidelines

    This funding stream is focused at supporting the development of new programs and services delivered by human service non profit organizations.  Proposed programs should assist in the shift of community trends around the priorities outlined in the joint Community Investment Strategy shared with United Way of Peel Region.

    Resilient people by:

    1. Supporting seniors to be healthy and live independently
    2. Supporting individuals with disabilities
    3. Supporting people who are vulnerable and susceptible to abuse, especially women and children
    4. Supporting people affected by mental health issues

    Strong families by:

    1. Supporting newcomers and immigrants to fully integrate into community life
    2. Assisting families and children to have a high quality of life
    3. Empowering children and youth to reach their full potential

    Vibrant neighbourhoods and communities by:

    1. Reducing poverty, eliminating hunger, and ensuring people have access to affordable housing
    2. Strengthening neighbourhood development efforts so that people can become involved and engaged in their community

    Are you eligible to apply?
    The 2012 Renewable Project Fund is for non-profit organizations with charitable status that are proposing the delivery of new programs or services within the Peel community that will assist in addressing at least one of the priorities outlined above.  Funding is intended to be with specific, short term projects.  A coalition of agencies or community groups sponsored by a established, social service agency may be considered.

    Community Investment Fund Eligibility Criteria

    Who we Will Fund
    Agencies/organizations must meet the following criteria:

    • Be incorporated as a non-profit organization.
    • Be registered as a charity under the Canada Income Tax Act.
    • Be governed by a volunteer board of directors.
    • Be located within the boundaries of Peel Region and provide services to Peel residents.
    • Have established and documented financial management systems in place and be able to provide an annual audited financial statement.
    • Utilize volunteers in most aspects of the organization.
    • Demonstrate approved financial need while at the same time showing a balanced approach to annual budgeting.
    • Comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code in hiring practices and in provision of all of its services.
    • Have ongoing internal evaluation processes in place that seek out and utilize consumer feedback.
    • Have the appropriate and necessary liability insurance coverage (3 million) for all aspects of the organization.

    Who we Will NOT Fund

    • Agencies/organizations acting in the capacity of a funding body.
    • Agencies/organizations that duplicate services in the same geographical area.
    • Agencies/organizations affiliated with a political party or have a political mandate.

    What we Will NOT Fund

    • Religious programs, activities or proselytizing.
    • 100% of a program budget.
    • Capital projects, renovations and purchase of property.
    • Annual fundraising drives or events.
    • Programs where the Federal and/or Provincial government have the primary responsibility for funding, including but not limited to: Hospital based health programs, medical research, arts & culture programs, formal education & training, settlement and English as a second language training.
    • Programs which are fully funded or delivered by the Town of Caledon, the City of Mississauga or the City of Brampton including but not limited to: Parks & recreation, transpiration, environmental programs and economic development.

    Application process:

    • Review and complete the full Application Form
    • All applications must be sent by September 12th, 2011 at noon to:

      Region of Peel Human Services
      7120 Hurontario St.
      PO Box 634 RPO Streetsville
      Mississauga, On
      L5M 2C2

    All applications should be addressed to – Attention: Sandra Solonik

    To discuss your application please contact:
    Sandra Solonik,
    Advisor, Community Investment,
    905-791-7800, Ext. #4935

    Revised: Wednesday February 04 2015


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