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    Immigration Discussion Papers Overviews

    Social Cohesion, Social Exclusion, Social Capital
    addresses the dynamics of social interaction among people of different ethnic or racial groups, socioeconomic status and influence, and suggests strategies for effective inclusion.

    Meeting the Needs of Immigrants Throughout the Life Cycle
    addresses the needs of immigrants and their families at different stages of their lives, and includes implications for child care and long-term care services.

    From Generation to Generation: Utilizing the Human Capital of Newcomer Parents to Benefit Families
    looks at how we can build on the education and skills of parents to better ensure the successful integration of immigrant children and youth.

    Neighbourhood Patterns and Housing Choices of Immigrants
    addresses the housing needs of immigrants, the factors that determine where they live and how ethnic enclaves affect, and are affected by, the fabric of neighbourhoods.

    Meeting the Human Service Needs of Immigrants
    draws on the main findings of all the other papers to consider their implications for human service delivery in Peel. The paper looks at how existing services can be improved to better meet the needs of immigrants and puts forward specific recommendations that the Region may want to implement.

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