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Human Services System Planning

I. Human Services System Planning

This section is devoted to our Human Services plan and a forthcoming renewal as informed by Provincial reviews on the programs and services we deliver. We are deeply committed to hearing from you as it helps us move ahead on our path of continuous improvement.

II. Human Services Plan (2007-2014)

Between 2009 and 2011 the Region of Peel implemented the first three-year plan of the integrated Human Services Department. The plan, which has been extended through 2014, sets out the priorities for the delivery of Human Services in Peel Region over three years and will guide and inform the development of annual operating plans for the department and work groups during this period. It will also inform an integrated service delivery for Human Services, featuring our point of entry and a new organizational structure. This accomplishment is the result of many months of consultation, dialogue, reflection, and information gathering and information synthesis.

Human services Plan (PDF, 539KB)

III. Human Services Plan Status Update

The Human Services Plan emerged out of extensive consultation with clients, community members, and Human Services staff members. It was the first plan for the integrated Human Services Department, and it set out the priorities for the delivery of Human Services in Peel Region. Over the last three years, the Human Service Plan has guided the development of operational plans within the Department. It has also informed other, larger planning documents, including the Region-wide 2011-2014 Strategic Plan and the Term of Council Priorities. The Department has completed work on a Status Report that will track the progress that has been made towards the objectives in the Human Services Plan over the last three years. This summary is the first step in the development of the status report. It reviews staff input provided during four drop-in sessions. During these sessions, all Human Services employees were invited to share the stories of how their work had advanced the Human Services Plan. This Status Report is a reflection of what staff and leadership had to say about the progress of the Human Services Plan.

Human Services Plan Status Report Executive Summary

Human Services Plan Status Report Full Report

IV. Our Progress


Metrics and Dashboard

V. Human Services System Plan Renewal Process

1. System Reviews

The Province of Ontario is in the process of reviewing the three main programs we deliver within Human Services:

  1. Housing and Homelessness
  2. Early Learning and Childcare
  3. Social Assistance and Employment Supports

We are committed to listening to our community as we make changes and develop our plans in this changing landscape. Please visit any of our three pages dedicated to the individual reviews or feel free to send us your general comments at the e-mail link provided below.

Human Services Plan

VI. Strategy Alignment

Strategic Plan
The Region of Peel's Strategic Plan charts the long-term vision for the communities in Peel, and the Region's role in achieving that vision. The Strategic Plan is the keystone of the strategic planning process.


Term of Council Priorities
In 2011, the Term of Council Priorities were introduced as a second step to help the Region confidently chart its course. These are the areas of focus developed by Council to advance the Strategic Plan. The annual Budget provides resources necessary to execute the Term of Council Priorities and achieve the desired outcomes for Peel's community. To ensure focus on the right things, the Term of Council Priorities will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. As part of the Region's ongoing monitoring and reporting, it will measure and report on its progress throughout the current Term of Council.


VII. Have your say


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Revised: Wednesday February 04 2015


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