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    May 16, 2007

    Peel Newcomer Strategy Update

    This is our second update to you since the community meeting on immigration of February 7, 2006. At that meeting, a preliminary vision emerged to ensure the successful integration of newcomers into all aspects of community life through a coordinated and integrated community plan.

    The “Peel Newcomer Strategy Group” has been meeting monthly for a year now to move forward on the community vision. This group now includes the Boards of Education, as well as Peel Regional Police, along with the federal government, provincial government, Region of Peel, boards of trade, service providers, Peel LINC Partnership, Peel ISAP Committee, Social Planning Council of Peel, United Way of Peel Region, and the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

    Here are some highlights of progress to date:

    • Dixie-Bloor Training Project - Funding has been received from the Province to provide learning opportunities between settlement agencies and generic community agencies to better harmonize services to immigrants in Peel. The grant is administered by Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood Services. A consultant has been hired and a schedule of workshops has begun.
    • Funding Proposal For Community Collaborative Model Serving Newcomers - A funding proposal has been submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to staff and support the strategy for a collaborative network serving newcomers in Peel, including development of capacity building among agencies that serve newcomers. The proposal includes staff supports to gather information, analyse, consult with the community, and prepare a model based on wide input. The project will be managed by the United Way. We will keep you updated on the status of this proposal: the signals are promising.
    • Municipal Immigration Web Portal - Funding has been approved by the Province for the development of a web portal to inform immigrants about services and employment opportunities in Peel - even before they leave their country of origin. This will be tied in with a network of such portals across the province. The project will be managed by the Region of Peel and co-ordinated through the Newcomer Strategy Group.
    • Boards of Trades and Barriers to Employment for Newcomers - The Brampton and Mississauga Boards of Trade have both just completed surveys and consultations with employers that address the barriers to employment of newcomers. These studies will be used to lay the ground for employer-driven initiatives to better access the skills of newcomers. Here is the link to the BBOT site: http://www.skillswithoutborders.com/
    • UTM partnership - A partnership has been formed with University of Toronto, Mississauga campus, to provide research supports for the newcomer strategy in Peel. A student will begin working on a literature review in September.
    • Liveable Peel Immigration Project - The Region of Peel is proposing extensive research into the long-term requirements for successful integration of immigrants in to a welcoming community, through its Liveable Peel Immigration Project. This research will also be used to support the Newcomer Strategy. A funding proposal has been submitted by the Region of Peel to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to support the research requirements for the first year of the project.

    The Peel Newcomer Strategy Group has become a collaborative table around which all the related initiatives will be shared and used for mutual advantage. Members of the group are listed below and would be happy to have your input and ideas; or call either of us for more information.

    Shelley White
    E-mail: swhite@unitedwaypeel.org

    Janet Menard,
    905-791-7800 ext. 4939.
    E-mail: Janet.Menard@peelregion.ca

    Peel Newcomer Strategy Group
    (April 17, 2007)

    Janet Menard Executive Director, Transition & Integration Admin, Region of Peel, Human Services
    Shelley White CEO, United Way of Peel Region
    Lynn Petrushchak Executive Director, Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
    Ania Dymek ISAP Program Supervisor, Catholic Cross Cultural Services
    Chair, Peel ISAP Committee
    Effat Ghassemi Manager, Peel Adult Learning Centre
    Chair, Peel LINC Partnership
    Naveed Chaudhry Executive Director, Peel Multicultural Council
    Paula DeCoito Executive Director, Social Planning Council
    Dr. Colin Saldanha Family Physician
    Varsha Naik Community Liaison Co-ordinator, Peel District School Board
    Patricia Rossall School Support Officer, Peel District School Board
    Tony DaSilva Peel Catholic School Board
    Heather Andrews Detective, Peel Regional Police
    Sheldon Leiba Executive Director, Brampton Board of Trade
    Elizabeth McIsaac TRIEC
    Jyotsna Inamdar Newcomer Information Centre
    Kathi Wilson Professor, University of Toronto at Mississauga
    Bryan Hill Manager, Region of Peel, Planning Department
    Norm McLeod Region of Peel, Manager, Strategic Social Policy
    Naheeda Jamal Principal Planner, Region of Peel
    Giancarlo Cristiano Region of Peel, Social Policy Analyst
    Jennifer Grass Consultant, Incom Strategic
    Cliff Fast Manager, Citizenship & Immigration Canada
    Yvonne Ferrer Manager, Ministry of Citizenship
    Lorraine Hogan Manager, Ministry of Citizenship, Culture, Sports, Tourism
    Pat Leigh Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
    Cathy Wilson Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
    Anita Stellinga Director, Community Investment, United Way of Peel Region

    Revised: Wednesday February 04 2015


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