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    Dear Community Member:

    United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel are conducting a review of their respective investment strategies. To maximize our resources and to take advantage of the synergies of this project, the review process will be undertaken collaboratively while combining the benefits of autonomy and cooperation. This will result in shared planning, cost sharing and collaboration in the development of investment and capacity building strategies for our communities. In order to develop strategies that will direct our future community investments, it is necessary to begin the planning and review work now. The review work will inform and develop a new funding vision relevant to the needs of Peel Region with implementation in the 2009/2010 funding cycle.

    As part of the Community Investment Strategy that United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel are co-leading, consultations are currently being planned in order to engage the community in identifying issues that are important to them. This process will help us to better understand and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of our social environment. 

    The consultation process will include the following opportunity for members of the community to participate during the months of February and March 2008:

    1. Community Consultations - Meetings will be scheduled in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.  Consultations can be attended by community members, service providers, funders, volunteers, residents, associations and other interested stakeholders.

    2. Community Consultations with Service Users – Consultations are also being organized with individuals who live in Peel Region and are accessing services from community organizations.  Consultations will be arranged in English, French, Punjabi, Polish, Chinese, Urdu, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

    3. Sector Specific Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups – Interviews and focus groups will be conducted in order to ensure that issues affecting specific sectors, for example, violence against women, poverty, immigrants and newcomers, homelessness, mental health, people with disabilities, and others inform this process. 

    4. Public Survey – A survey will be launched shortly to provide the public with an opportunity to tell us about community issues that are important to them.  The survey will be available online on United Way of Peel Region’s website: www.unitedwaypeel.org and on the Region of Peel’s website at www.peelregion.ca.  The survey will also be available in English, French, Punjabi, Polish, Chinese, Urdu, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    5. Thought Leaders Forum – An exciting full day forum is being planned for March 6th 2008.  Sherri Torjman from the Caledon Institute of Social Policy and the author of her latest book: Shared Space: The Communities Agenda, will be the key note speaker in addition to a panel of leading thinkers from across our country.  The purpose of this forum is to stimulate discussion about innovative solutions amongst stakeholders and provide strategic input into the development of our Community Investment Strategy.

    A background paper was prepared as part of an environmental scan to tell a story about the journey of understanding past opportunities and challenges and to prepare for a new discussion about achieving our desired future.

    • Section 1 highlights recent demographic trends. 
    • Section 2, using the findings of Vision 2020: Seeing a New Future for Peel, provides a summary of current issues. 
    • Sections 3 and 4, the processes and funding investments made by both the United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel are summarized. 
    • Section 5 looks at the collaborative partnerships of the Region of Peel and United Way of Peel Region as well as other initiatives occurring in Peel Region, including those sponsored and funded by the provincial and federal levels of government. 
    • Section 6 looks at a newly emerging concept called the “communities agenda” and proposes using the framework as the basis for further dialogue about creating community investment strategies, specifically for the United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel’s Community Program, but also as a strategy that works for all human service providers and residents in Peel.

    Both the background paper (253 KB, 24 pages) and the condense consultation version (180 KB, 10 pages) are posted below for your review as you prepare to participate in the consultative process. We encourage you to join us as we move forward on this important community initiative. United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel are very excited about this initiative and are looking forward to working together with you to create an investment strategy that will build on our collective strengths and bring added value to the Peel community.

    Revised: Wednesday February 04 2015


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