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Fixing Leaks

In order to fix a leak, you need to find it first.

A good way to start is to walk around your home to look and listen. Look at sink, tub and shower faucets. Do you see any dripping water? Does your toilet make any noise after a flush? These are all indications that your fixtures may be leaking.

If you do not find anything by looking and listening, start with our list of common household leaks.

If you cannot find a leak but the flow indicator moves when no water is being used, you may want to hire a licensed plumber to come in and inspect your fixtures.

How to Find a Water Leak - Video

This three minute video provides an overview of where to begin looking for a water leak in your home.

Fixing leaks

Once you have found the leak, now you need to fix it. Some leaks are a simple do-it-yourself fix and others may require a licensed plumber.

Do-it-Yourself Videos:

If you are not comfortable with fixing leaks on your own, contact a licensed plumber.

General maintenance practices for the home

  • Keep access to your basement floor drain open at all times. This gives water a place to go and allows you to access it when needed.
  • Operate your main water shut off valve (before the meter) twice a year to keep the valve properly lubricated and functioning properly.
  • When you go on vacation, turn off the water to your home at your main water shut off valve. This prevents any surprise leaks from causing damage while you're away
  • In the winter months, lower the potential of a burst pipe by insulating pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Check your humidifier valve in the fall and spring to ensure its working. This will prevent unnecessary water from being used.
  • Replace your toilet flappers every 5 years
  • Check for leaks seasonally with your routine maintenance or when you receive your water bill use it as a reminder.
  • When you purchase a new home, make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions for all water using appliances such as water softeners and water filtration units, to ensure the settings are correct.

Handling household leaks can be easy if you follow the check, fix and save guidelines.

If you have discovered you have a leak, you need to fix it.


Revised: Wednesday July 31 2013


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