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Water bills are based on the amount of water supplied to your home or business. The water passes through and is measured by the water meter before circulating to the taps and toilets inside and outside your home.

If you have a leak, your fixtures and appliances are using unnecessary water that will increase your water bill. Finding and fixing leaks on an ongoing basis, will help prevent higher water bills.

The cost of water and leaks

Water and wastewater rates change annually. The average home uses 310 cubic metres of water per year, and when combined with the wastewater rate is approximately $501. Because you are billed for the amount of water that is supplied to your home, the less water you use, the smaller your bill will be!

If you do not fix household leaks, the total of your annual bills could be significantly greater. If you notice a big increase in your water bill and you haven't changed your water usage, be sure to check for leaks! Find out the cost of a leaking tap.

For additional assistance, please call 905-791-7800, ext. 4409 or send us an email.

Handling household leaks can be easy if you follow the check, fix and save guidelines.


Revised: Thursday June 20 2013


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