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Services to help you feed your baby

A new parent shares her experience with our infant feeding services.

Becoming a parent can come with a big learning curve. When new parents leave hospital, they are often stressed, full of questions, and unsure of themselves. We know that getting started feeding your baby can be one of the first challenges you face.

Peel Public Health provides infant feeding services in homes and at 3 of our clinics. Our Public Health Nurses help parents learn to feed their babies.

Maria, a new parent living in Peel had a positive experience with our services. Her goal was to breastfeed exclusively, but her baby needed formula in the hospital. “I hoped I could at least mix-feed my baby as soon as possible, so the hospital nurses recommended I visit my local Baby Feeding Support Clinic as soon as I could.” Maria said.

Maria benefitted from both a home visit and clinic follow up visits.

“It made me incredibly comfortable knowing that in those first few days I could stay at home and still receive help learning to breastfeed my daughter,” Maria said.

When Maria visited our clinic, she was pleased to find the environment not as clinical as she was expecting.

“It felt welcoming and every nurse I encountered was so warm and helpful. I can’t accurately describe the peace of mind I felt when I started to get hands-on help with breastfeeding,” she said. “What I learned were new skills that I couldn’t learn through YouTube or reading something on the internet. That hands-on experience was key to helping me feel more confident and empowered to feed my daughter successfully.”

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