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Residential rat control subsidy pilot program now?available

12-month program helps Peel homeowners with the cost of controlling rats

Rats can cause damage by burrowing under and gnawing structures. They’re a common pest in places with large populations of people.

Experts stress that it’s critical for neighbourhoods to work together to stop infestations from happening.
The Residential Rat Control Subsidy Pilot Program is now available. It runs from March 22, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Over this 12-month period, the program:

Get more details about the pilot program and find a Peel Region-approved pest control vendor.

How to keep rats away from your property

Rats live in places that provide for their essential needs, such as food, water,?shelter,?and safe ways to travel.
You can help keep rats away from your home and neighbourhood by completely removing or blocking: