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National Housing Day 2022

Recognizing the work of our community partners in tackling the affordable housing crisis

National Housing Day is an opportunity to shine a light on all the hard work that housing partners are doing to improve access to housing for everyone in Canada.

The theme for National Housing Day in 2022 is ‘Everything starts at home' - sending the message that having a safe and stable place to call home is essential to leading a productive and successful life.

In Peel, we are on the frontlines of the affordable housing crisis. As the Service Manager for the affordable housing system in Peel, the Region of Peel manages its own stock and works with Peel Living, 46 other housing providers, developers, and private landlords to make affordable housing available and prevent homelessness.

This is a monumental task. The Region of Peel could not manage this work on its own. That's why the support of our community partners is so vital to our efforts to tackle the affordable housing crisis.

Our community partners and housing providers do everything from providing affordable units to offering support for mental health, eviction prevention, addiction and help with finding accommodation. They also provide specific support for youth, women, families, people fleeing violence, refugees and more.

Our shelters rely on the work of partner organizations, like those that provide out of the cold programs and drop-in supports. Without these services, we would not be able to help as many people as we do. And without our community partners, these services simply would not exist in the forms that they currently do.

So, this National Housing Day, the Region of Peel thanks our community partners and housing providers for their dedication to helping Peel residents in need.