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It’s time to prepare your pipes

With colder weather coming, it’s time to winterize water pipes.

As you start tidying and preparing your outdoor spaces for winter, remember to turn off your outdoor water supply and to winterize your pipes.

Winterizing outdoor pipes

Outdoor pipes that aren’t winterized might freeze.

Winterize your outdoor pipes by:

  1. Closing the water shut-off valve (or valves) to turn off the outdoor water supply. (Shut-off valves are usually inside the home and garage, close to where outside taps come into the home.)
  2. Detaching garden hoses from faucets.
  3. Opening outside faucets to drain them.

Winterizing indoor pipes

Keeping the cold out — and heat in — will protect the pipes inside your home.

Throughout the colder months, keep the temperature in your home no lower than 15°C (60°F).

Consider insulating indoor pipes in locations where they’re more likely to freeze, such as:

  1. Your basement or crawlspace.
  2. Near an outside wall or window.
  3. Areas near a cracked foundation.