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Required documents for child care subsidy

List of documents you’ll need to submit to us.

These documents will be submitted to Peel Region staff as proof of your situation when:

Other information

Provide one of the following for each family member:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate or Certified Registration of Birth
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card or Canadian Citizenship Certificate (front and back)
  • Permanent Resident Card (front and back)
  • Refugee Protection Claimant Document
  • Notice of Decision
  • Work Permit or Study Permit
  • Temporary Resident Visa or Permit
  • Visitor Visa or Permit
  • Ontario Driver’s License
  • Ontario Photo Card

If the address on your Notice of Assessment or Canada Child Benefit Notice is different from your current address, provide one of the following documents:

This is if you’re applying or receiving a child care subsidy as a 1 parent family.

You’ll need to provide:

  • Birth certificate with parental information for each child
  • 1 of the following documents depending on your family status:
    • Court order stating decision-making responsibility or custody and/or living arrangements, parenting time or access, support, and any other court documents (if applicable).
    • Domestic Contract or Separation Agreement or Paternity Agreement stating decision-making responsibility or custody or living arrangements, parenting time or access, and support, where the signatures of both parties are notarized or witnessed by the lawyer for each party.
    • Divorce documents such as Divorce Order or Divorce Certificate.
    • Mediation Report.
    • Restraining Order or other proof of family violence.
    • Proof of a sperm donor.
    • Death Certificate.
    • Proof of legal guardianship.

If you cannot provide 1 of the documents on the list, Regional staff will discuss other options with you. We may also ask you for additional information at any time if it is needed to assess your family composition.


2 most recent consecutive pay slips.

Returning to work or recently returned to work and have not received pay slips

A letter of employment confirming your start or return to work date, the days, and hours you will be working, and rate of pay or salary.

College or university

Provide 1 of the following:

  • Confirmation of enrolment or OSAP Assessment Summary confirming the name of the program, the start and end date of the semester and if it is part time or full time and a copy of your timetable OR
  • Confirmation of college or university registration form signed and stamped by your school and a copy of your timetable

High school

The confirmation of school registration and confirmation of school attendance forms, completed by a school official.

Self-employed with a sole proprietorship

  • Business name registration
  • Most recent T1 including Schedule 2125 (Statement of Business and Professional Activities)
  • The self-employment declaration (if your business has been open less than 1 year)

Self-employed with an incorporated business

  • Certificate of incorporation or articles of incorporation
  • Most recent T2 including Schedule 50 and Schedule 125
  • Most recent Corporate Income Tax Assessment
  • The self-employment declaration (if your business has been open less than 1 year)

Not working due to a medical condition

Have your doctor complete the documentation of medical needs and exceptional circumstances form.