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Share your child care program concerns

Let us know if you have questions or concerns about your child care program and we’ll try to help.

If you have questions or concerns with your licensed child care program, such as how your child care provider is handling health and safety practices, you are encouraged to speak to your licensed child care provider so they can try and address your concerns.

If you cannot find a resolution by working with your provider, give us the details using the form below and we will try to help or redirect you as needed.

Have you been refused access to child care?

You have the right to access child care without discrimination. Licensed child care providers who have a Fee Subsidy and Funding Agreement with Peel Region must:

No one should be refused access to child care because of special needs or subsidy. Know your rights. Learn more about the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Contact your child care provider if you think you have been denied access to child care because of special needs or subsidy.

If the concern cannot be resolved by working with the provider, you can complete our child care services feedback form and we'll try to help.

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