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Curriculum Expectations

Air Quality Health Index

 Air Quality Health Index book 1 (Health)

Grade 5 Science

Overall Expectation

  • Relate science and technology to society and the environment

Specific Expectations

  • Assess the effects of social and environmental factors on human health
  • Propose ways in which individuals can reduce the harmful effects of these factors, and take advantage of those that are beneficial

Grade 6 Health

Overall Expectation

  • Personal safety and injury prevention

Specific Expectations

Identify needs and describe appropriate methods for preventing and treating ailments (e.g. sunburn, minor cuts)


Air Quality Health Index book 2 (Environment)

Grade 5: Conservation of Energy

Overall Expectation

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of conservation of energy in relation to the wise use of renewable and non-renewable energy sources

Specific Expectations

  • Distinguish between a renewable and non-renewable source of energy
  • Formulate questions about and identify needs and problems related to protection of the natural environment, and explore possible answers and solutions
  • Describe how we use different natural resources as sources of energy and evaluate the effect of their use on natural and human-made environments

Grade 6: Electricity

Overall Expectation

  • Identify uses of electricity in the home and community, and evaluate the impact of these uses on both our quality of life and the environment

Specific Expectations

  • Formulate questions about and identify needs and problems related to the properties or uses of electrical energy
  • Identify sources of electricity and state whether the sources are renewable or non-renewable




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