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Curriculum Expectations

What's in Our Parks?

Social Studies:People and Environments: Global

Specific Curriculum Expectations:

B1.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of sustainability in people’s interrelationship with their natural environment and some of the consequences of sustainable and/or non-sustainable actions.

B 3.8 Describe similarities and differences between their community and a community in a different region in the world (with respect to food, clothing, housing, beliefs, climate, flora and fauna, recreation, agricultural practices)

Science:Understanding Earth and Space Systems & Growth and Change in Animals

2.1 Assess the impact of human activities on air and water in the environment, taking different points of view into consideration (eg. Point of view of parents, children, other community members) and plan a course of action to keep the air and water in the local community clean

2.3 Describe ways in which living things, including humans, depend on air and water (eg. Most animals, including humans breathe air to stay alive; wind generates energy, disperses seeds; all living things need to drink or absorb water to stay alive; water)

1.1 Identify positive and negative impacts that animals have on humans (society) and the environment, form an opinion about one of them and suggest ways in which the impact can be minimized or enhanced

1.2 Identify positive and negative impacts that different kinds of human activity have on animals and where they live

3.3 Identify ways in which animals are helpful to, and ways in which they meet the needs of living things, including humans, to explain why humans should protect animals and the places where they live

3.4 Identify ways in which animals can be harmful to humans (eg. Some people have an allergic reaction to bee and wasp venom when they are stung; deer, moose and bears on roads can pose a hazard to people driving at night)

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