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Curriculum Expectations

Highschool Green Ambassadors

Grade 11 Regional Geography CGD3M

Sustainability and Stewardship:

C1. Analyse issues associated with sustainability and stewardship of natural resources in the selected region.

Grade 11 Force of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters CGF3M

The Physical Environment: Sustainability and Stewardship

C1. Analyse the role of physical processes and human practices in maintaining a sustainable natural environment.

C2. Analyse the impacts of human activities on the earth’s physical processes and the natural environment.

Grade 12 World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW4U

Sustainability and Stewardship

C1. Analyse strategies and initiatives that support environmental stewardship at a national and global level and assess their effectiveness in promoting the sustainability of the natural environment.

C3. Analyse issues relating to the use and management of common-pool resources.

Social Change and Quality of Life

E1. Analyse the influence of governments, groups, and individuals on the promotion and management of social change.

E2. Analyse impacts of selected agents of change on society and quality of life.

Grade 12: The Environment and Resource Management CGR4M

Spatial Organization

B1. Assess various strategies used for protecting natural spaces and species, locally, nationally and globally

B2. Assess impacts of human population settlement on natural spaces and species.

Sustainability and Stewardship of Natural Resources

C1. Analyse the roles and contributions of individuals, governments, and organizations with respect to the sustainable management of the world’s natural resources.

C2. Analyse impacts of resource development on the natural and human environment and assess ways of managing resource development sustainably.

C3. Assess the availability of various natural resources, and analyse factors affecting their exploitation and use.

Ecological Systems: Interconnections and Interdependence

D1. Analyse challenges involved in reducing pollution from human activities and assess the effectiveness of various methods of pollution reduction.

D2. Evaluate impacts of various types of pollution on the natural environment and on human health.

D3. Describe key ecological and biological processes and explain how they are affected by human activities.

Community Action

E1. Assess a variety of strategies for resolving environmental and natural resource management issues, locally, nationally and/or globally.

E2. Assess impacts of community land use and infrastructure on humans and the natural environment and assess ways of reducing these impacts.

E3. Analyse impacts of various human behaviours on the natural environment, and assess the role of behaviour, ethics and technology in reducing these impacts.

Grade 12 World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW4C

Sustainability and Stewardship

C1. Analyse the role of individuals, the local community, and governments in achieving sustainability and assess opportunities for personal stewardship and involvement in sustainability initiatives.

C2. Analyse selected resource uses and sustainability practices in a variety of countries.

C3. Explain the meaning and significance of the global commons, and analyse issues associated with the use and sustainability of its various elements.

Grade 11 Leadership and Peer Support GPP30

  • Describe, on the basis of research, the range of leadership and peer support opportunities in the school and the community, and identify those to which they are most suited;
  • Demonstrate the ability to design and implement a plan or program that addresses needs identified in the school or community;
  • Identify a range of careers and postsecondary options requiring skills in leadership and peer support.

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