Waste collection strike

A strike is affecting waste collection in some areas of Peel. There may be delays to curbside waste collection. Check if you're affected

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Vaccines for children

Appointments can be booked for children 5 to 11 years old. Learn about vaccine safety for children, where to go, and information to help your child prepare.

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Don’t wait to get your COVID-19 vaccine

We're now offering both Pfizer and Moderna at all Peel Public Health clinics. Walk-in hours are also available at our clinics, or get the vaccine at a pop-up clinic, participating pharmacy, or primary care provider.

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Other programs and services

Protecting yourself and others

How to stay safe when you're with others or out in the community.

Have symptoms or been exposed

What to do if you have symptoms, tested positive or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19.


How to properly self-isolate, what you’ll need and when to come out of self-isolation.

Getting tested for COVID-19

How to know if you should get tested and find testing locations.

Your test results and next steps

How to get your test results and what to do if you test positive, negative, or indeterminate.


Helping businesses safely operate and manage cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Child care

We’re working with providers to deliver safe child care services and online EarlyON programs.


How to stay safe and what to do if there’s a case in the school.

Long term care and retirement homes

Working to ensure government requirements are implemented consistently.

Data and reports

Get data on COVID-19 cases, outbreaks, vaccine status, as well as other maps and reports.

COVID-19 data