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COVID-19 at our Long Term Care Centres

Protecting the health of our residents and staff at the Region’s 5 Long Term Care Centres is our top priority

It's important for families to be able to stay connected to their loved ones.

Even though our visitation guidelines have changed, you can contact your loved ones by phone or send messages electronically. You can share photos, stories and memories about your loved one with us so we can engage with them. Learn more about our work to prevent social isolation at our centres.

Other information

Following new safety measures, maintaining staff levels, and providing personal protective equipment are some of the work we’re doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current safety measures
  • Only staff and those performing essential support services like food delivery, maintenance, and health care can enter our Long Term Care Centres.
  • Visitors are not allowed, except for those with loved ones in the centre that are very ill or in end-of-life care.
  • Every person coming into the centres, including staff, is screened on the way in and out to ensure they have no symptoms, haven't travelled or had contact with COVID-19 cases. Screening includes an interview and a temperature check.
  • All residents are screened twice daily for symptoms.
  • All staff have been directed to only work in 1 location until further notice to reduce the risk of exposure and spread.
  • All staff who interact with residents or enter resident home areas are wearing surgical masks.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Staff are receiving additional training on COVID-19, infection prevention and control, and personal protective equipment.
  • Adult Day Services and other community programs have been closed.
Maintaining staffing
  • Adult Day Services staff have been brought into our homes to work as personal support workers, in activation and other roles.
  • Other Region of Peel staff have been sent from other departments to support screening desks.
  • We're working with different organizations like the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), AdvantAge Ontario and the government of Ontario to receive more staff.
  • We're accepting students from nursing and other programs.
  • We've also offered all of our part time employees full time hours.
Personal protective equipment
  • Personal protective equipment is used to protect staff and residents.
  • All staff who interact with residents or enter resident home areas wear surgical masks.
  • Staff who work with residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 or close contacts wear additional personal protective equipment to protect themselves and others.
  • Peel Long Term Care has, and is working to maintain, our supply of personal protective equipment. Donations are being accepted.
New admissions
  • In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, homes that are in outbreak are not accepting new admissions or re-admissions.
  • Homes that are not in outbreak are accepting new admissions. New admissions are screened before entry and isolated for 14 days to ensure no symptoms develop.
Dropping off items to residents

In order to reduce risk of infection, homes are not accepting outside items, including food, laundry or personal care items.

Testing for COVID-19 at our centres
  • On April 22, the Ontario government directed public health units to begin testing everyone at long-term care centres. Peel Long Term Care is working with Peel Public Health to implement this directive at our homes.
  • Peel Long Term Care and Peel Public Health are investigating all cases.
  • Residents who are show symptoms or have been in close contact with a known case, are being tested for COVID-19.
  • Staff who have symptoms or have been in contact with a known case, are being tested or being advised to contact Peel Public Health.
  • Staff who may have had contact with affected individuals have been provided with specific instructions to self-monitor and limit contact with others.
  • A COVID-19 outbreak is when 1 or more staff or residents test positive for COVID-19 at the centre.
  • During an outbreak, we work closely with Peel Public Health to implement measures to protect everyone.
  • Residents who test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as a close contact of a known case are isolated and closely monitored.
  • Staff who test positive for COVID-19 are directed to self-isolate.
  • Vacant Adult Day Services and other spaces are being used where required to separate residents who test positive for COVID-19 from those who test negative. All staff who work in these units do not work with other residents.
  • Staff who work with residents who have tested positive or close contacts wear additional personal protective equipment to protect themselves and others.
Confirmed COVID-19 cases in our centres

Last updated May 22 at 4 p.m.

Home Resident cases Staff cases Resident deaths due to COVID-19 Resident recovered Staff recovered
Davis Centre 0 0 0    
Malton Village 1 5 0 1 2
Peel Manor 11 14 6 3 9
Sheridan Villa 13 7 4 2 1
Tall Pines 1 1 0    
Total 26 27 10 6 12

Peel Long Term Care has access to the data in real-time. The information presented in this table may be slightly higher than the data shown in the Status of COVID-19 in Peel dashboard.

While safety needs to be our top priority, staff are also focusing on quality of life for residents to keep their minds and spirits healthy. Long Term Care and Adult Day Services staff are working to prevent social isolation.

Staff are also using technology to connect residents with families and friends, allowing window visits and encouraging cards and drawings to be sent from loved ones. This work was featured in a recent Toronto Star article: Through the Nursing Home Glass.

We'll continue to provide up-to-date information for families, and will share as it becomes available.

If you still have questions, we've set up a family information line at each of our Long Term Care Centres. Staff can answer questions about the Region's response to COVID-19 at our centres.