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COVID-19 vaccine stand-by list

Join the vaccine stand-by list each week. Find out how the list works.

At the end of the day, there may be a few doses of the vaccine left at Peel Public Health vaccine clinics. These doses need to be used up, so no vaccine goes to waste.

The stand-by list will help eligible people receive these excess doses.

Who can sign up?

Complete the form below if:

You must be able to get to a Region of Peel COVID-19 vaccine clinic within 15-30 minutes once we contact you.

Important information about the list

The stand-by list is a way to ensure no dose is wasted. It is not a way to vaccinate large numbers of eligible people.

Those eligible can still book their appointments at various clinics across Peel.

Signing up to the list does not mean you will be jumping the line. You must be currently eligible to receive the vaccine in Peel. If you're not eligible, you will not be vaccinated.

Clinic staff will check eligibility when they call people on the list and again once they arrive at the clinic location.

The list will only hold 1000 people each week. Once this number is reached, a message will notify you that no more names can be added.

Signing up also does not guarantee that you will be called for a stand-by appointment and get the vaccine. People will be randomly selected daily, based on how many doses need to be used at the end of the day at each clinic. The list will be cleared every Sunday at 11:59 p.m. and will be available again Monday at 6 a.m.

You can sign up every week if you would like.

You will need the following to join the stand-by list:

If you're randomly selected

You will receive a call from clinic staff when the excess doses are available. This could be late in the evening. You will be asked questions to confirm:

You will also be screened for COVID-19. Find out what you need to bring to your appointment.

If we could not reach you, you will stay on the list until it’s cleared. If you decided not to come to the clinic, you will be removed from the list for that week.

Do not come to our clinics unless you get a phone call from staff telling you to come.

People who arrive without receiving a phone call will not be vaccinated.

Join stand-by list