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  • Accessibility Planning Program 2007

    Mandate, Objectives and Actions

    Mandate and Objectives

    To build the capacity of all staff to be aware of, and sensitive to, accessibility issues and barriers, and to support efforts to improve accessibility.

    Build an effective training and development program for staff. (Accessibility Education Project)

    Build an effective internal communication strategy that promotes accessibility. (Print and Internet Communications Standards Project)

    Objectives and Actions

    To develop and strengthen organizational processes that will support accessibility.

    Ensure processes are in place to consult effectively with the AAC. (AAC Consultation Process for Building, Structures and Premises Project; Accessibility Plan Development and Approval Process Project; Accessibility Advisory Committee Terms of Reference Review Project)

    Improve processes for identification and reporting of barriers and accessibility issues. (Barrier Identification and Reporting Process Project)

    Integrate accessibility into key planning documents. (Accessibility Integration Project; Emergency Evacuation Plan Coordination Project)

    Create, develop, support and sustain strategies that implement recommendations of the accessible transportation demand study. (Accessible Transportation:  Family of Services (brokerage) Project)

    To review and develop policies to ensure prevention and removal of accessibility barriers.

    Integrate accessibility into procurement policy. (Accessible Procurement Project)

    Develop and implement accessibility standards.  (AODA Compliance Project; AAC Consultation Process for Buildings and Structures and Premises Project; Print and Internet Communication Standards Project; Accessibility Policy Project)

    To build public awareness and advocate for accessibility of programs and services.

    Create opportunities for public engagement. (Barrier Identification and Reporting Process Project; Print and Internet Communication Standards Project; Accessible Transportation:  Family of Services (brokerage) Project)

    Establish strong partnerships with other governments and non-governmental organizations. (AODA Compliance Project; Accessible Transportation:  Family of Services (brokerage) Project)

    Refer to Appendix I (a) and (b), which list projects and departmental accessibility activities that will support the above stated Objectives and Actions.

    Strategic Plan Connection

    The objectives and actions in the Accessibility Planning Program Service Strategy Business Plan are consistent with, and support, the following goals in the Region’s Strategic Plan V 2007 – 2010:

    Goal 1:  Deliver citizen-focused services
    Goal 3:  Provide human services that meet current and changing needs
    Goal 5:  Be a citizen-focused Regional government

    Service Principles

    The Regional Values function as Accessibility Planning Program service principles

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