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  • Accessibility Planning Program 2008

    Please take a few moments to complete this form and provide us with your comments about this Accessibility Plan and Region of Peel services.

    1. Does the Region of Peel Accessibility Plan convey the information that you would like to know?

      Yes Somewhat Not at all

    2. Which sections of the Accessibility Plan were of interest to you?
      (Check all boxes that apply)

      Accessibility Program Overview
      Appendix I - Corporate Projects
      Appendix II - Accessibility Accomplishments
      Appendix III - Highlights of Selected Initiatives
      Appendix IV - Illustration of Emerging Trends
      Appendix V -AODA and Accessibility Standards
      Appendix VI - Glossary of Terms

    3. Is the format of the Accessibility Plan easy to read?

      Yes Somewhat Not at all

    4. Is the language and terminology used in the Accessibility Plan easy to understand?

      Yes Somewhat Not at all

    5. From your perspective, please prioritize the key issues that affect people with disabilities in Peel.
      (1 = highest priority and 5 = lowest priority)

      Lack of Awareness
      Lack of Services

      Other (please provide details):

    6. Have you noticed any change in the accessibility of Regional services and programs?

      Improved Unchanged Not Improved

      Do you have any other comments you would like to make?

    If you would like more information about the Region of Peel Accessibility Plan, the Accessibility Program, or the Accessibility Advisory Committee, or would like a presentation at your event please send a request to Accessibility Planning Specialist.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

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