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    This document is the sixth Region of Peel annual Accessibility Plan. The Plan has been endorsed by the Peel Regional Council, and will be submitted to the Province in accordance with annual municipal reporting requirements set out in the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA).

    In 2006, Regional Council and the Executive Management Team approved a governance structure for the management and renewal of the Accessibility Planning process. This governance structure includes a Steering Committee comprised of a sponsor and departmental representatives. The mandate of the Steering Committee is to advise the Region in the annual preparation of the Accessibility Plan and to identify key projects that will allow the Region to reach its accessibility goals.

    The Steering Committee identified 12 key projects in the fifth annual Accessibility Plan. These have been endorsed by the Executive Management Team and approved by Regional Council. In 2007/2008 sponsoring departments had been assigned to all of these projects. Please refer to Appendix I of this Plan to obtain further details about the corporate projects identified in this plan.

    The 2008 Region of Peel Accessibility Plan uses a format that will enable staff to identify projects from the Accessibility Plan and link them with the accessibility projects listed in their departmental business work plans. This alignment allows the Accessibility Planning Program to monitor and report on the progress of departmental accessibility initiatives in a systematic manner.

    Regional accessibility accomplishments collected from Regional departments are listed in Appendix II of this Plan, labelled as Summary of Accessibility Accomplishments.

    On June 24, 2008, Town of Caledon Council appointed five citizens and one Councillor to be members of the newly formed Town of Caledon Accessibility Advisory Committee. The Joint Peel-Caledon Accessibility Advisory Committee will now be known as the Region of Peel Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC).

    Throughout the year, members of the AAC have continued to promote accessibility through education and awareness. This year the AAC has focused on accessible and liveable housing and universal design principles.

    The United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons was commemorated by the Region of Peel and the AAC through various activities aimed at raising awareness about employment of persons with disabilities. Highlights included a special AAC meeting, presentations by guest speakers and informational displays. Initiatives aimed at increasing staff awareness of disability and accessibility included stories and quizzes which were posted on the Region of Peel internal web site.

    This year AAC selected five Regional projects or individuals, to receive Certificates of Recognition for their efforts to improve the accessibility of Regional services, programs, projects and facilities. These award recipients were presented with their Certificates at a special AAC meeting. In addition, ten Letters of Appreciation were awarded to Regional staff members who contributed individually or as part of a team.

    In May, 2008, the Region of Peel and the AAC were honoured with an award for outstanding contributions in the area of accessibility. The award was presented to the Regional Chair and the AAC Chair, by Human Endeavour and the Punjabi Community Health Centre. The Region of Peel has taken the lead in ensuring its commitment to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities.

    This sixth Accessibility Plan – September 2008, represents the ongoing process of ensuring the programs and services of the Region of Peel become more accessible for individuals with disabilities. As an organization strongly committed to integrated processes, the Region of Peel will continue its efforts to identify and remove existing barriers while laying the foundation for the prevention of future barriers.

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