Accessibility Planning Program 2009


Appendix III

5. TransHelp: Striving to Exceed Expectations of Our Customers

The Region of Peel delivered TransHelp service continues to operate on ‘continuous improvement’ philosophy. Our 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey showed a 9.0 out of 10 rating for overall satisfaction with the most recent trip. This is up from 8.6 in 2005. Even though we’re meeting the needs of our customers in excellent manner our aim is to exceed their service expectations.

To achieve this goal the following is a list of service activities that have taken place in this past year:

  • Transporting of Children’s and Infants – We updated our policy to ensure that passengers with young children and infants have adequate and practical means of transportation.
  • Same Day Service – The TransHelp Same Day Service Pilot launched in 2008 has been expanded and become a regular part of doing business. Clients requiring last minute transportation arrangements can contact the office and book a trip. The rate of accommodation is extremely high and we hope to have a guaranteed same-day service in place by 2010.
  • Registration Procedure – TransHelp’s registration procedure was streamlined to make it easier for prospective clients to get on the service. Clients are no longer required to come into the TransHelp office for an assessment. Eligibility is based upon information provided by a healthcare practitioner.
  • Cross Border Trips – We continue to hear from our clients how difficult it is to make arrangements for connection trips with other transportation provider in neighbouring municipalities. To this end, TransHelp has committed to working with our counterparts in other municipalities to find innovative ways to address these concerns for our clients. In many cases TransHelp provides direct trips for many clients into Toronto and Oakville on a regular basis.
  • Mississauga Carassauga Festival Shuttle – For the second year in a row, TransHelp was approached by the Carassauga Festival to provide an accessible, door to door shuttle service for event goers at the annual Mississauga Carassauga Festival of Cultures event which took place in May 2009 in different venues across Mississauga. Over a three-day weekend TransHelp buses transported nearly 6,000 event goers. The customer service, flexibility and assistance from TransHelp Operators were the highlights of the weekend. The Festival is already looking for assistance from us again next year in a much larger capacity.
  • Rick Hansen Foundation Support – For the third year in a row TransHelp staff came together to participate in the Annual Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion. This year TransHelp participated with teams in Mississauga and Brampton. In total, $2000 was contributed to this great cause which recognizes individuals living with Spinal Cord Injuries and ultimately strives for a more accessible community.
  • Peel Children Water Festival – For the second year running TransHelp has donated shuttle bus services to the Peel Children’s Water Festival held at the Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton. Buses transported festival goers from various designated spots inside the park to the main festival area.
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities - TransHelp remains an active participant of the Region of Peel’s annual celebration of IDPD. Free rides are offered to all TransHelp users who attend the Region’s celebrations. A display booth with program information for community members and staff in attendance is also organized by the staff and members of the Transhelp Advisory Committee (TAC).

Region of Peel Transhelp Team at 2009 Rick Hansen Event
Region of Peel Transhelp Team at 2009 Rick Hansen Event