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  •  Region of Peel Accessibility Plan – September, 2010

    Description of Current Services

    Program Location

    Accessibility Planning Program staff are located at Region of Peel Administrative Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Dr., Suite A, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 4B9.

    Profile of Current Services

    Program Support & Coordination
    The Program coordinates implementation and development of the annual Accessibility Plan as well as providing support to the AAC, and all Regional departments in assessing and ensuring that services, programs, projects, and policy initiatives address the accessibility needs of citizens, customers, and employees with disabilities.Supported by the Accessibility Planning Specialist, the Regional Accessibility Planning process is aligned with departmental processes, and may establish project teams comprised of departmental representatives, AAC members and outside resources, in working toward the goals of:

    • developing Regional annual Accessibility Plan(s) for approval by Council;
    • engaging and consulting with the members of the AAC;
    • assisting the Executive Management Team, Accessibility Steering Committee and Council in prioritizing accessibility barriers for elimination with proposals for actions; and,
    • networking and partnering with other municipalities, the Government of Ontario and external organizations.

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    Description of Clients/Customers

    Customers and Clients of Regional Programs and Services
    All individuals who access and use the services, programs and information offered and delivered by the Region of Peel.

    Regional Departments
    The business units that deliver various Regional programs and services.

    Regional Employees
    All Regional employees who deliver programs and services to Peel residents.

    Prospective Employees
    All individuals who wish to seek employment at the Region of Peel.

    Prospective Customers and Clients of Regional Programs and Services
    All individuals who may require access to services, programs and information offered and delivered by the Region of Peel.

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    Description of Suppliers, Partners and Stakeholders


    • Disability Education Trainers:  Coalition for Persons with Disabilities Peel/Halton/Dufferin, Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region; and Canadian Hearing Society;
    • Translation and Sign Language Interpretation service providers.


    • Regional departments;
    • Professional Associations: Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) and Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO);
    • Accessibility Directorate of Ontario;
    • External collaborative accessibility networks: Ontario Network of Accessibility Professionals (ONAP), Peel Partners in Accessibility and Coalition of Accessibility Advisory Committees;
    • City of Brampton Accessibility Advisory Committee;
    • City of Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee; and
    • The Town of Caledon Accessibility Advisory Committee.


    • Ministry of Community and Social Services;

    Region of Peel Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) to advise the Region of Peel on accessibility issues and to address the legislative requirements under AODA, ODA and subsequent regulations.

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    Organizational Structure for Accessibility Planning Process

    Organizational Structure for Accessibility Planning Process

    Corporate Projects

    Please refer to Appendix I, Corporate Projects.

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