Government Relations Committee terms of reference

Terms of reference


The Government Relations Committee (GRC) (formerly the Intergovernmental Relations Advisory Committee) was established by Regional Council on January 15, 2015.

The mandate of the Governmental Relations Committee (GRC) is to:

  1. Develop, coordinate, implement and monitor government relations strategies, based on Regional Council endorsed advocacy positions, with Members of the Provincial Legislature, the Provincial Government, members of the Parliament of Canada, the Government of Canada, and related governmental agencies, including lower tier municipalities;
  2. Organize meetings with the Prime Minister, Premier, Ministers, MPs, MPPs, as well as community stakeholders/organizations; and
  3. Monitor activity with major municipal sector associations [e.g. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA)] and recommend engagement strategies with these organizations.


The Committee is comprised of: Regional Chair (Ex-officio), the mayor from each of the three area municipalities and other Regional Councillors; however, all members of Regional Council are invited to attend meetings.

Roles and responsibilities of members

Members who are unable to attend a meeting may appoint an alternate to attend and vote in their place, in accordance with the Region of Peel Procedure By-law.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

The Committee will elect from among its members a Chair and Vice-Chair, and this election shall be held at the first meeting of the Committee.

The Committee shall elect a Vice-Chair who may act in the capacity of Chair and exercise all the rights, powers and authorities of the Chair when the Chair is absent through illness or otherwise,  or is absent from the office in course of his or her duties, or on vacation or on an approved leave.


Quorum for the Government Relations Committee shall be a majority of the members.

Reporting structure

The report (minutes) of each Committee meeting will be placed on the Regional Council agenda for receipt or approval by Regional Council as may be appropriate.

Term of appointment

The term of appointment shall commence following the establishment of the Committee by Regional Council. The members shall continue in office until the end of the term of Regional Council or until their successors are appointed.

Frequency of meetings

The GRC will meet 4 times a year. Additional meetings may be called by the Committee Chair as required.

Staff resources

The staff lead for Manager of Strategic Public Policy and External Relations shall be within the Office of the Regional Clerk, with additional support from his/her Office and Executive Leadership Team.

Legislative Technical Coordinator, Team C is Committee Clerk.

Legislative Specialist, Team C is an alternate contact.