Regional Council Policies and Procedures terms of reference

Terms of reference


The mandate of the Regional Council Policies and Procedures Committee (the "Committee") shall be to review the Region's council operational structure, procedures and regulatory tools (and/or review best practices of other models of governance) and provide recommendations to Regional Council regarding: Council transparency and accountability; Council's effective and efficient decision-making structures and procedures; and, methods/tools to build on current practices.


The Committee will review and, if or when required, provide recommendations on:

*Regional Council appointments to special purpose bodies include the Peel Police Services Board and the nominations to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority Board of Directors, and other bodies as required, in accordance with corporate policy G20-14 Community Member Appointments to Committees and Boards.

Responsible for the process to review applications and recommend community member appointments to Council committees and boards, as outlined in Corporate Policy G20-14 Community Member Appointments to Committees and Boards.

Authorized to establish an interview panel, as required, for review of community member applications to Region of Peel committees and boards.


The Committee is comprised of the Regional Chair (ex-officio) the Mayors of Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga (ex-officio), and a minimum of 1 Councillor from each municipality.

In accordance with section 1.2.11 of Procedure By-law 27-2022, as amended, the Regional Chair (ex- officio) shall be counted for quorum.

In accordance with Regional Council Resolution 2019-619, the Mayors of Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga shall be ex-officio members.

Roles and responsibilities of members

The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity by making recommendations to Regional Council. Members who cannot attend a meeting must inform the Office of the Regional Clerk and may designate an alternate Councillor to attend the meeting.

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

The Committee will elect from among its members a Chair and Vice-Chair, and this election shall be held at the first meeting of the Committee. The Vice-Chair may act in the capacity of Chair and exercise all the rights, powers and authorities of the Chair when the Chair is absent through illness or otherwise, or is absent from the office in the course of his or her duties, or on vacation or on an approved leave.


Quorum will consist of the majority of the total number of members of the committee, less the ex-officio members.

Reporting structure

The Committee will report through the Corporate and Legislative Services section of the Council agenda. The minutes of each Committee meeting will be placed on the next appropriate Regional Council Agenda for approval.

Term of appointment

Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a term ending upon the dissolution of the Committee or at the end of the term of Council, whichever comes first, or until their successors are appointed.

Frequency of meetings

Will be determined by the committee in consultation with Regional Staff.

Staff resources

Legislative Services staff will support the Regional Council Policies and Procedures Committee.

The Committee will be supported by the Regional Clerk, pursuant to the Procedure By-law.