The Public Information Campaign (PIC) Ad Hoc Committee met on September 27, 2007, at 12:35 p.m. in the Chair’s Boardroom, Regional Administrative Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton.


E. Kolb, G. Carlson, A. Groves, C. Parrish, J. Sanderson, A. Thompson

Members Absent:


Also Present:

R. K. Gillespie, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Regional Solicitor; M. Hood, Director, Communications Services; E. Zamparo, Manager, Financial Policy and Strategic Analysis, Finance; A. Warren, Strategic Policy Project Manager, Executive Office; C. Thomson, Committee Clerk

Chaired by Councillor Parrish




That the agenda for the September 27, 2007 Public Information Campaign Ad hoc Committee meeting, be approved.


a) Update on the Status of the Public Information Campaign and Next Steps (Oral)
Discussion led by Carolyn Parrish, Chair, Public Information Campaign Ad hoc Committee (PIC)


Councillor Parrish advised that she and Regional Chair Kolb hosted a press conference on Monday, September 24, 2007 to highlight the issue of inadequate provincial funding, with three members of the press in attendance.

Marilyn Hood, Director, Communication Services advised that the newsletters to be distributed to all Peel households are currently being printed and will be distributed by Canada Post at a cost of 6.5 cents each. The newsletters will be distributed over a two to three day period across the Region of Peel during the first week of October.

Councillor Parrish suggested that one further news release be distributed to the media the week of October 1 st and that an opinion editorial by Regional Chair Kolb be issued to local newspapers that same week.

Councillor Sanderson inquired if ethnic media would be included in the distribution of the opinion editorial. Marilyn Hood advised that a local Punjabi newspaper is willing to provide translation services for the editorial as their publication has high circulation numbers in the area, and will be included in the distribution.

Councillor Thompson further suggested that Rogers Television be contacted to request that they run clips of the press conference as part of their election coverage. Marilyn Hood undertook to contact Rogers Television in this regard.

Councillor Sanderson suggested that the area Boards of Trade be requested to include information on the Public Information Campaign in their communications to members. Marilyn Hood undertook to follow up with the Boards of Trade in this regard.

Councillor Parrish noted that she had received an email from Shelley White, Executive Director of the United Way of Peel Region advising of her support for the efforts of the Campaign and commending the Campaign members for including specific questions that voters can ask of candidates.

Marilyn Hood undertook to prepare a cover letter to all members of Regional Council highlighting the eight questions voters are being requested to consider, and to provide several copies of the newsletter for their personal distribution.

b) PIC Post-Election Activity and Future Role of the PIC Committee (Oral)
Discussion led by Carolyn Parrish, Chair, Public Information Campaign Ad hoc Committee (PIC)


Councillor Parrish noted that while the first few months of a new government is quite hectic, it is important to follow up with a consistent effort to keep the issues identified by the Public Information Campaign Ad hoc Committee in the forefront. Councillor Parrish suggested that the contract with the Devon Group be extended to assist with post election follow up, noting that there are still funds available for this purpose.

Councillor Parrish further suggested that a cover letter be prepared and distributed to all provincial politicians after the election during October and November, along with copies of the newsletter to ensure the issues raised in the newsletter receive attention subsequent to the election.

Regional Chair Kolb suggested that the letter to accompany newsletters also cover various areas of importance to Peel including waste management, housing and human services.

Councillor Parrish suggested that the format of the newsletter be extended to 17 inches long and include photos of Regional Council along the bottom banner.

Marilyn Hood suggested that any post election follow up activities be coordinated by the Devon Group to ensure consistent messaging. She noted that the Devon Group would provide recommendations to the Committee for post election communications tactics that may include the suggestions discussed at this meeting.

Regional Chair Kolb suggested that the Committee consider strategies for involving the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) in efforts to draw attention to larger issues such as the inability of municipalities to access social housing mortgage interest funds to fund new social housing initiatives. He noted that mortgage interest is currently directed to the federal government general revenue accounts and that attempts by municipalities to alter this arrangement have not been successful. He noted there are many issues of importance to municipalities that could benefit from increased public awareness and lobbying of the upper levels of government.

Councillor Parrish suggested that there was a need to carry on advocacy work on behalf of the Region of Peel after the provincial election. This was important not only to ensure follow up on the successes of the PIC Committee with the new government, but also to reflect a broader scope of regional interests. It was noted that the terms of reference for the PIC ad hoc Committee provide that it shall be dissolved following the 2007 provincial election unless otherwise requested by Regional Council.

R. Kent Gillespie, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Regional Solicitor suggested the committee consider submitting a final report to Regional Council on the status and successes of the Public Information Campaign Ad hoc Committee and recommending that a new committee be constituted after the provincial election to include a broader scope of advocacy.


That the PIC Ad hoc Committee submit a final report to Council on the status and successes of the Campaign, following the October 10, 2007 Provincial election;

And further, that the final report of the PIC Ad hoc Committee include a recommendation that a subcommittee of Council be established with a mandate to include a broader scope of advocacy to keep issues of importance to Peel in the forefront;

And further, that the contract with the Devon Group be extended by six months at a cost not to exceed the remaining balance of the existing approved budget to assist with the remaining pre and post election communications.


5. REPORTS - Nil





The meeting adjourned at 1:08 p.m.