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Development Charges and Your Water Bill

The Region is no longer asking residents to contact their MPP about a potential increase to their water bill. We continue to work with the Government of Ontario on this issue and are optimistic for positive outcomes.

Why do DCs matter?

When land developers build new developments, such as houses and other real estate, they pay fees to municipalities. These fees are called development charges, or "DCs" for short.

DCs are critical funds for the Region of Peel.

The money we get from DCs pays for the things we need to support Peel's growing community, such as:

2019 Water and Wastewater Rates

Water bills issued as of April 1, 2019 will have an average rate increase of 6.5 per cent. The water rate will increase by 1.6 per cent and the wastewater rate will increase by 11.3 per cent. An average household with water and wastewater services can expect an increase of $38 in their total billed amount in 2019.

Currently, your water and wastewater bill pays for services that include treating and distributing clean water to your property, along with collecting the wastewater from your property and treating it before it is discharged back to the lake. It also pays for investments to maintain the water and wastewater infrastructure, such as pipes and sewers.

The Region of Peel continues to maintain the lowest combined water and wastewater rates in the Greater Toronto Area.

* 2018 rate.