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Water quality reports

Our annual water quality reports detail the operation of our drinking water system and drinking water quality test results.

2020 Summary report

The 2020 Drinking Water in Peel Summary Report addresses the requirements outlined in Schedule 22 of the Ontario Drinking-Water Systems Regulation (O.Reg.170/03) under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

Water quality in Peel, 2020 annual reports

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Other information

2018 summary report

Water flows

Community Lead Testing Program

Customer water quality enquiry summary

Planned water quality initiatives

Water quality annual reports

2017 Summary Report

Water flows

Community Lead Testing Program

Customer Water Quality Enquiry Summary

Planned Water Quality Initiatives

Water Quality in Peel, 2017 Annual Reports

If you require reports prior to 2017, contact our Water Quality and Compliance team.