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Preventing homelessness

No one needs to live on the streets of Peel, we have programs to help.

We offer shelter to everyone in need. If the demand for shelter exceeds our regular supply of beds, we’ll make overflow arrangements to make sure everyone has a safe place to sleep.

Some of our most vulnerable community members may choose to stay on the streets.

Our Mobile Outreach Team travels through Peel every day to help get people off the streets and on a path towards stable, long-term housing. It often takes several interactions with our team before people in the streets feel safe coming to our shelters.

Our Street Helpline offers 24/7 support

Our Street Helpline is available 24/7 to connect people experiencing homelessness with shelter and other life essentials (e.g. food and clothes). Call us at 1-877-848-8481 for urgent needs and referrals to supportive services.

Homelessness in your neighbourhood

If you're concerned about a homeless encampment in your neighbourhood or a person who appears to need help, you can call the Street Helpline. Call 1-877-848-8481.

Your information will help keep us up-to-date about where our outreach programs are needed most.

Housing and homelessness services

Homelessness is a growing concern in every large city across Canada. In Peel, housing has become unaffordable for 80% of residents. This means that they can't afford to buy or rent a new home without spending too much of their monthly income on it.

We support people no matter what their housing needs. We offer one-time support, such as help making rent during a challenging month, to ongoing housing subsidies, to permanent housing.

These services improve life for everyone in Peel by creating safer, more vibrant communities where more residents can contribute and thrive.

Investments in housing benefit us economically. Every $1 spent on affordable housing could lead to a:

  • $0.95 decrease in social spending
  • $0.50 decrease in health care spending
  • $2.40 increase in Gross Domestic Product
  • $0.60 increase in federal and provincial tax

Based on modelling in the Toronto area by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

Funding for community services

The Reaching Home program is a community-based program from the Canadian government aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness. It provides direct funding to communities across Canada to support their efforts in developing local solutions to homelessness.

Community-based organizations can apply for a grant for projects to reduce and prevent homelessness in Peel. Residents can apply to join the Community Advisory Board to review applications and recommend funding for Reaching Home projects.

Advocating to end homelessness

We continue to advocate to all levels of government to meet the growing needs in Peel. Research shows that money invested in housing saves taxpayers significantly with savings in other program areas.

If you want more housing investments in your community, reach out to your MPP and MP to let them know this is a priority in Peel.

Our 10-year plan to end homelessness

The Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan is our long-term plan to make create more affordable housing and help everyone in Peel get and keep housing. Currently, we're focused on implementing 4 actions from our plan:

We're working in partnership with our area municipalities, police services and community organizations to address the upstream factors that lead to homelessness in Peel. Learn about Peel's Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan.