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Building Permits

A document needed for construction, renovation, demolition or change in building use, as per Ontario’s Building Code.

Key Highlights

  • The total value of building permits issued in 2019 was $3.6 billion, the highest in four years.
  • Growth in the value of both residential and non-residential building permits supported overall growth.
  • Higher value of building permits (building intentions) in 2019 suggest that building activities in Peel will likely remain positive in the short-to-medium-term.

The total value of building permits issued in Peel in 2019 was $3.6 billion, 23.8 per cent higher than the amount issued in 2018.

This was the third consecutive annual increase in the total value of building permits issued in Peel.

Permits by Sub-Sector

Both residential and non-residential sectors registered annual growth in total building permit values in 2019 as follows:

Permits by Municipality

In 2019, non-residential building permits led annual growth in Brampton and Caledon.

The total value of building permits decreased in Mississauga in 2019, mainly due to a decline in the value of non-residential building permits.

The changes in value of building permits relative to 2019 by local municipalities were as follows:

Given the strong rebound in the total value of building permits in Brampton, the city recorded a substantial increase in its share of building permits.

Differing performances among Peel’s municipalities resulted in significant shifts in the municipal shares of the total building permits issued between 2018 and 2019, as follows: