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Taxable Assessment Base

The total value of all assessed property within a municipality.

Key Highlights

  • Peel’s total taxable assessment grew by 0.92 per cent in 2019 (for 2020 tax year).
  • Growth in 2019 was the lowest annual growth recorded in over two decades.
  • There was slower growth in both residential and non-residential taxable assessment base.

In 2019 (for 2020 tax year), Peel’s total taxable assessment base grew by 0.92 per cent.

This was a significant slowing in growth relative to the preceding year.

During the first ten years after the introduction of CVA (1998 – 2008), annual growth in Peel’s assessment base averaged 3.14 per cent.

Since 2009, annual average growth slowed to 1.56 per cent due to a combination of factors including:

Despite the slowdown in growth in 2019, the sustained increase in Peel’s total taxable assessment base means that Peel’s tax base is increasing and providing a larger base over which tax increases can be spread.

Changes by Sector

Both the residential (0.98 per cent) and non-residential (0.70 per cent) taxable assessment base registered slower growth in 2019.

Residential taxable assessment base led growth for the eighth consecutive year.

Under the current taxation methodology, the stronger growth in residential taxable assessment suggests a continued shift in tax share towards the residential sector.

Changes by Municipality

Viewed by municipality, growth was supported by a higher taxable assessment base in all three local municipalities as follows: