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Interim Financial Incentives Program

Supporting new Long-Term Care Home and Hospice developments across Peel

Health care facilities such as long-term care homes (LTC) and hospice play critical roles in our community, which has been further highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Waitlists remain considerable, and the combination of population growth and an aging community will continue to place significant strain on these services.

The health care system is primarily a provincial responsibility to be funded through income taxes. Municipalities, however, have been confronted with various requests for financial support. Regional Council recognizes that supporting the development of additional units is an effective way to strengthen Peel’s LTC and hospice services. They approved this program to encourage the development of safe, enhanced, and innovative accommodations for Peel’s senior residents.


Any not-for-profit organization planning to develop an LTC or hospice facility can apply.  Region of Peel employees will review applications and administer grant funding in accordance with eligibility requirements and funding limitations.

When applying, please be aware that:

For more details, refer to the Interim Financial Incentive Program Framework.

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