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Property Tax Rebate Program

For eligible low income seniors and low income persons with disabilities

The Region of Peel participates with its local municipalities (City of Mississauga, City of Brampton and Town of Caledon) in providing eligible low-income seniors and low-income disabled persons with an annual property tax rebate. The rebate is designed to provide relief of financial hardship to low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities. The cost of the rebate is shared between the Region, the local municipality and the school board in the same proportion that they share in the tax revenues.

Low-income seniors or low-income persons with disabilities are eligible to apply if they are either an owner, the spouse of an owner or the same sex-partner of an owner and if one or both:

  1. Is 65 years of age or older and in receipt of the guaranteed income supplement authorized under Part II of the Old Age Security Act (Canada); or

    is in receipt of an allowance, benefits or income support as a disabled person or as a person with a disability under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act;

  2. Occupy the property as a principal residence within the meaning of the Income Tax Act(Canada) and which is classified in the residential or farm property class for the purposes of the Assessment Act.

Please note that the minimum ownership period for a property to be an eligible property is at least one year preceding the date of application.

For complete details, please view the by-law.

How to Apply for a Rebate

Eligible low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities must apply annually to receive the rebate. Applications must be made by completing an application form and returning it to the local municipality in which the property is located.

Applications can be downloaded from your local municipality's website, picked up by visiting one of the following locations or calling to request one by mail:

City of Brampton

2 Wellington St. West
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 4R2


Town of Caledon

6311 Old Church Rd.
Caledon, Ontario
L7C 1J6


City of Mississauga

300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 3C1