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Access to information

You have the right to request information from the Region of Peel.

Like all municipalities in Ontario, we collect and use information in order to provide services to residents and businesses.

We follow provincial laws that guide us in how we collect, store, protect and release information.

How to obtain information

Information can be obtained from the Region in the following ways:

  1. Website: Search and navigate the Region of Peel's website to find general information about Regional programs, services, and news.
  2. Open Data: The Peel Data Centre (PDC) is a network of Region of Peel resources with a wide range of data on topics like demographics, economic activity, and transportation.
  3. Routine Disclosure: Many Regional program areas can provide records to you through an informal process. For examples of records available through routine disclosure, take a look at the User Fees and Charges By-Law.
  4. Freedom of Information (FOI): You can submit a Freedom of Information request for any information held by the Region, but not available through any of the mentioned processes.
  5. If you are member of law enforcement: Complete the Law Enforcement Request for Personal Information Form (PDF) to request information held by the Region. We are committed to working with law enforcement agencies to help keep our residents safe and secure. Contact us if you have questions about our procedures for releasing information to law enforcement.

If you need help, contact the Access to Information and Privacy Office at

View our Personal Health Information Protection Act page for information about our health privacy practices.